Sunday, February 15, 2015

First Post!

 I'm new to Blogging and the publishing industry, but after looking at various successful illustrator and author sites, I figure I will set up something similar to get my artwork out there.

For now everything is touch and go, still learning how to create a blog and website, and will post all my art for the new book, as well as sketches and WIP's, on my Wordpress site.

Just want to thank Will Terry for getting me started and pointing me in the right direction. I've been in a slump for over a year and debating whether to go through with this, but as I have nothing to lose, well, why not. Going to start working on a colored version of one of my sketches, to go with its BW counterpart, and will, if it turns out good, be included as part of the dummy that will be sent to various publishers. Stay tuned!